5 Steps to Licensing Your Songs to TV and Film – Part 3: Production

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Welcome to my 5 Part Masterclass Series, where I show you the 5 Steps to Getting Your Songs Licensed to TV & Film. This is Part 3 – Production


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Hi, I’m Randy Kalsi, welcome to my video tutorials. Today I’m going to share with you my master class. It’s a five-part series on how to make a living with your songs using my CPM system. This is part 3, production. So for the production, again super important use the reference song as a guide for the production, Create a similar sound production so that you can guarantee that the songs you’re creating are in high demand. You chose that reference song because it got licenced. It means that there is a demand for that the type of a song right now, so create something in that ballpark without copying it. Reference it, once you have it in your mind put it away and then create something in your working with a similar production. So that when you are working with a producer you can give them that song and say, look this is the idea that we’re going for and then just make sure the songs and finished to a high standard. Fully mixed and mastered and most producers are able to do this themselves nowadays from their own studios.