How Randy Kalsi Went From
Gas Engineer To
Full Time Songwriter

Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a successful songwriter. It began with me picking up a guitar at the age of 16 and writing my first ever song there and then. It was a break up song about a girl…of course it was!

Luckily…I continued my quest for love and got to marry my Dream Girl! ^^

Anyway…back to the beginning…

I got hooked on songwriting. I spent as time as I could practicing and writing songs. My close friends would always make fun of me, like I was some loser chasing a dream that will never happen. I never gave up.

As I reached 21, I took an apprenticeship as a gas engineer, which eventually tuned into a job and made enough money to invest in an album. I was so super excited, to finally be working on my songs in a professional studio like real songwriters! I spent over $10,000 on an album that ultimately I wasn’t happy with. So I didn’t release it and just let it sit there.

I didn’t give up, however. After realising that I can’t throw money at this and that it’s a journey, I began learning how to make my own songs so that I could control the outcome of my songwriting career.

I was doing barely okay as a gas engineer, getting a regular monthly pay check. Deep down I was unhappy and still wanted to make a living from my music and share it with the world.

By the time I had reached 30 I had enough music education and experience to be able to create high quality songs, alone, from scratch. At this point I decided to quit my day job in search of my dream career making music. I was always worried, however that my music will never be able to financially support me and the kind of lifestyle I wanted to have. I didn’t want to be a millionaire but I wanted to be able to enjoy some of the finer things in life that a decent income provides. Some security for me and my family. I knew I had to figure out how to pursue being a full time successful songwriter.

So now I’m trying to figure out how I am going to provide for my family and put food on the table. As time goes by, I get a small music job here and there, barely enough to survive. My wife suggested that I contact some local restaurants offering my singing services. I got hired to sing in a local restaurant for a one year contract. The money wasn’t amazing, but it was enough to keep us going until I figured stuff out. At least I was making money through my music skills and an important lesson I learned was that people were willing to pay me for my talents.

I now knew there was no easy hack to becoming a successful songwriter and I had to figure it out all on my own. One day I was in my car on my way back from performing, wondering what the hell I was going to do. We had no money and I seemed further away from reaching my dream of becoming a full time songwriter. As I was driving home, listening to a CD Baby podcast episode, this lady called Cathy Heller was being interviewed. She was talking about song licensing and how she is making 6 figures a year licensing her songs.

It was then that I had that light bulb moment. I was so excited!! I was like

“this is it, this is what I have to do to become successful!”

I took her course with whatever savings we had left and the first song I wrote after taking her course was signed to Crucial Music Publishing. I was so happy, I couldn’t believe that things were finally starting to work out for me.

I eventually realised, however, that although this was a great industry for independent songwriters to be in, it wasn’t a steady enough, regular income stream to rely on it alone, as a sole source of income. I needed more options.

It was then I decided to use my talents and start offering my services as a freelancer. I found an online course that taught freelance musicians to become successful. The course was great and I really enjoyed it. But I still hadn’t yet gotten any clients. I then found out that the same course instructor was opening up a personal coaching program. I knew I needed a mentor to help me get started properly and I decided to go all in.

I followed my mentor’s methods and steps to the letter and low and behold, I got my first ever client within a week of his coaching and that one client paid for my entire years coaching!

It was then that I understood the importance of a personal mentor who could guide me each step of the way…to tell me what to do and what not to do.

I had a 50% deposit sitting in my paypal account from two songwriters on the other side of the world, who had trusted in me to create a high quality song for them.

I finally figured out how to become a full time songwriter and for the past 3 years have been Making A Living Songwriting!

Not only that, I’ve recently become an Award Winning Songwriter & Producer. Its such an amazing feeling being recognised and appreciated for doing what I love.

Now that I know what it takes to be a successful songwriter, all I want to do is to help as many songwriters as possible realise their dreams of becoming successful too. I’ve already helped so many of my clients and I want to help you too!

I’ve put my entire step by step process into a 6 Step Blueprint System that is easy to follow. Not only that, I’m here for you, every step of the way!

I am dedicating all of my time and energy into helping struggling songwriters like you…and teach you everything I have learned, step by step so that you can make a living songwriting too!

If you are an aspiring songwriter stuck on your journey to success. I’m here to help you!