5 Steps to Licensing Your Songs to TV and Film – Part 2: Songwriting

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Welcome to my 5 Part Masterclass Series, where I show you the 5 Steps to Getting Your Songs Licensed to TV & Film. This is Part 2 – Songwriting


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Hi, I’m Randy Kalsi, welcome to my video tutorials. Today I’m going to share with you my master class. It’s a five-part series on how to make a living with your songs using my CPM system. Here is part 2 songwriting. When you have the idea. We have everything researched and you’ve got the ideas down then it comes to songwriting and there is a way to – many of of you here are songwriters if not all and you have your way and maybe it’s very similar to this way. May be your way is already successful. This is this is how I found the exact system that works every single time and removes writer’s block. So, using your chosen reference song pick a song title/theme that’s similar for example the song that I got the first song ever I got licence music, the song was “not gonna break me” by Jamie n Commons. My title was “strong”. So completely different but same kind of theme right? So you map out the song structure of your reference track first and the song structure that works best is the pop song structure but in this case will be talking about referencing songs and you’ll find that most of them to follow that pop song structure. Just write down the song structure of the reference song and just have it there. And then what you do is you just create a brain dump that theme. So mine was strong and spend 30 – 60 minutes just dumped everything on a piece of paper don’t even think about if it rhymes matches. It doesn’t matter just write everything down because then you can start tweaking it afterwards and then when you have all that written down then you can start filling out the lines of that structure. I normally start with the chorus hook and then go back to the first and just fill it out. Can you make an Excel timer tweaks, but then you have to commit and move on. Trust in the system, trust in the process, commit to the song and then move on.