5 Steps to Licensing Your Songs to TV and Film – Part 1: Researching

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Welcome to my 5 Part Masterclass Series, where I show you the 5 Steps to Getting Your Songs Licensed to TV & Film. This is Part 1 – Researching


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Hi, I’m Randy Kalsi. Welcome to my video tutorials. Today I’m going to share with you my masterclass. It’s a five-part series on how to make a living with your songs using my CPM system. ok, so let’s get into it. This is part one: researching. So the CPM system is Create Pitch Monetise ok. Now in order to be able to make money with your music, hands down, you know you must have high quality fully mixed and mastered music that’s in high demand. That’s fact. You know, very few places now will accept demo quality and even with demo quality you need proper vocals on there. It’s not worth taking a risk and we want to be working smart. We have to think about our music as a business and work smart and in order for us to get somewhere with our songs they have to be high quality, so that’s the 1st part of the CPM system. The 2nd part is the pitching Pitching your songs to get them licenced to TV and film and ads where you get upfront payments and backend royalties. Now as I mentioned before, this is great for independent songwriters and producers artists. It’s an amazing long-term strategy and you can be making six figures doing this but you know especially in the beginning we want some immediate income so that we can make money and we can reinvest it into a business and keep re investing and making some money to live off until this whole system works, so that’s where monetising comes in. This is where you hone in on your skills, learn skills at home make sure you can create something professional whether it’s professional vocals you know. Songwriting professional productions, mixing, something that you can hone in on and leverage to make money online which is an immediate income and you do that through organic Facebook strategies which i will go through with you today. The reason why it says 5 steps to 5 figures figures with the song. I wanted to say 6 figures because it’s possible. I wanna be realistic. five steps to High five figures with your songs, and 3 steps to creating, right? So Step 1 is the research. This is imperative. This is a must that you cannot carry on without this cannot carry on without researching. go online to websites like tunefind.com on where they list all the songs that have been licensed to TV and film ads entire list for going back years. You only want to check the last couple of years so you know what’s current and you look through there and you’ll find songs that are similar to your genre because in the beginning you want to do what your comfortable with you. Don’t want to be training stuff that you’re not comfortable with and pushing yourself too far that it doesn’t end up being high quality, so, literally almost every kind of song and genre can be licenced nowadays. It’s about doing that research and finding songs that are similar to you and what that also does it confirms that there is a need for your style of music so it removes all that worry or that uncertainty like “Is my music good enough or You know my music isn’t mainstream” and all these kind of things. No, just go there and find it and when you find it, it will give you that confidence and that passion and drive to continue doing what you’re doing. So you go through a few songs. Pick five that you are comfortable with and then have a listen to them, these sites play half a minute so go onto YouTube type in the song and make a playlist play all of them and pick one. Pick one song, and study the song structure, the theme, title, melody the lyrics and the idea is to create something similar but original, unique. and it is possible by doing this system. Trust me. Why do we why do we research and reference. Because there is a massive ocean of successful songs out there with a working formula that are being licensed today. There is way too many, way too much need for songs and not enough songwriters artists producers doing it the right way, so there’s a massive need. and you know like I said we’re a business here, you know we wanna work smart. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel reinvent some kind of style. Follow works in the beginning. We’re here to make a living doing what we love and this is the way Let’s follow those who are already successful.