5 Steps to Licensing Your Songs to TV and Film – Part 5: Monetising

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Welcome to my 5 Part Masterclass Series, where I show you the 5 Steps to Getting Your Songs Licensed to TV & Film. This is Part 5 – Monetising


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Hi, I’m Randy Kalsi. Welcome to my video tutorials. Today, I’m going to share with you my Master class, it’s a five-part series on how to make a living with your songs using my CPM system. ok, so this is final part number 5, monetizing. So this is where you find music creators dying to pay you for your skills for an immediate income, where you can make a lot of money from this. You know at least you can reinject this to create more having more time, creating more songs to then licence them and then you just got this system that keeps going that keeps bringing in money for you. So with an impressive portfolio website, even one decent song but it looks professional and a professional online presence with that you know priming your personal Facebook page you can start selling your services online to artists who can’t write, songwriter who can’t sing, to produces who can’t write and everything in between, who are
in need of your skills and there are so many people out there that are in need of your skills you just put yourself out there and this is an immediate income stream. It can provide you with a full-time income all from the comfort of your basic home studio. So by this time you know you already have an awesome website high-quality portfolio and professional-looking personal Facebook page. So then you join facebook groups where musicians hang out, But this time with the intention of finding clients. So you start networking, helping.
You know people make comments about you know songwriting advice, vocal advice, production advice and you just there and you’re just providing value and helping people out and then start building relationships. And then you can offer your services. You cna add them as friends, speak to them about what you do. Send them links to your stuff and eventually you’ll start finding paying clients and everytime you, you know they’ll be in your pool in your system, so what you do is post once a day or couple of times a week and every time you post something everyone in your ecosystem now, is going to hear, listen to and see your songs, skills and talent and when they see it they will want to work with you and you can start offering your services. So that’s it guys. I hope you found the masterclass helpful if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, I’ll try my best to answer every one of them and if you’d like to know how I can help you with your songs check out my website, the link is below and if you enjoyed the video please like follow subscribe. I have new videos coming out every week and I’ll see you on the next one.