What's It Like to Work With Me?

How I Work Online with Clients All Over The World

Personal, Professional & Educational

My process is not just about creating a song for you. My goal is to help you develop your sound and create a song with purpose and intention.

I will guide you through the creative process so that we can collaborate and create songs that are specific for sync placements followed by a pitching strategy that gets results.

One of the best ways for independent songwriters to make a good living from their passion is through licensing their songs to TV & Film and I know how.

I work with clients all over the world so no matter where you are

we can work together.

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The Full Package Concept

Creative Song Direction

  • We begin with discussing your current song ideas
  • We make some constructive tweaks to your lyrics & melody if neccessary
  • We talk about the direction we want to go in and analyse a few similar songs that have had successful sync placements and learn from them
  • We discuss whether you will be performing your own vocals and/or guitar yourself or whether you require session musicians, which I would take care of

Song Production

  • Composition – I begin fleshing out our ideas into an intial 1st phase production
  • Recording & Editing – Whether you provide me with your own performance or I find session musicians to work with us, I will take care of all recording and editing tasks ensuring everything is in pitch and on time
  • Production – After we have agreed on our initial 1st phase and you are happy, I continue with the project and finish the production of the song
  • Mixing & Mastering – Once we are happy with the finished production, I will mix and master the song, turning it into a radio ready, high quality product, ready for pitching!

Pitching Strategy

  • Which TV Show or Film would your finished song fit into?
  • Which agencies license songs to these TV Shows and Films?
  • Who are the Music Supervisors and can we Pitch to them directly?
  • How do we Pitch our songs to Agencies and Music Supervisors?
  • Are there other short term strategies we can consider whilst contacting these Agencies and Supervisors?
  • How do libraries work and are they worth getting into?
  • Publishing & Royalties explained

…and more!

I will answer all your questions and help you create a strategy that you can use every time you create a great song. I’m all about sharing my knowledge and helping Independent Songwriters become exactly that…Independent & Self Sufficient!

“I am very pleased with how the track turned out. He was very prompt with emailing back and forth. He is always very professional in giving his all for putting in new ideas and making the song even better. I would highly recommend you working with him on your next project and give him a call!”  Derek Sallmann